Add a bit of quirky to your iris

Add a bit of quirky to your iris

Following on from our last blog about how wonderful iris in pots can look, how about giving your garden a touch of the quirky?

Consider using different and unusual containers to plant out your iris.  There’s a huge variety of things you can use, limited only by your imagination.  Many ideas also reuse containers that would otherwise go to landfill – a win-win all round!  Here’s a few suggestions –

  • Plant out your iris in an old wheelbarrow – the older the better. And so easy to move to another part of the garden for that burst of colour once they are flowering.
  • For a more permanent display, paint some old tyres in bold colours. Fill with good potting soil and create an abstract circular display.
  • Old watering cans make great rustic display containers for your iris.
  • In the garden at Sunshine Iris we have used an old washbasin to create a great feature in the garden. An old bath would give an even larger display.
  • Old baskets and wooden crates make perfect planters. Just line them with some plastic first and make a few drainage holes in the bottom before adding your potting mix.
  • Colourful plastic tubs or buckets also make a bright display. Just drill some holes in the base first.

Happy planting and feel free to share a photo of your quirky iris on our Facebook page when they flower.

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