Growing irises in containers

Growing irises in containers

As some of us downsize and others move into their first apartment – here’s a way to take your garden with you.  What about a blast of colour on your balcony or a welcoming container of potted iris at your front door?  Iris do very well in containers and now is a great time to plant up a pot or two.

If you have tall bearded iris, you need a pot at least 30cm in size – larger if you want to pack a bit of colour in there.   Choose a good quality potting mix and put your pots in an open sunny position where they will get some winter cold.  Plants in containers need to be watered a little more often, but be careful not to overwater. 

Irises in pots will also require a little more attention than those in the garden.  It is best to dig them up and divide each year after flowering in December or January.  This is also a good time to add some all-purpose fertiliser or Seasol.

Daylilies also do well in pots – a sunny aspect will bring out their best colours, particularly if it is a light coloured daylily.

Once the flowers start to appear, move your pot to the desired position, and wait for the compliments!

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