Why grow median and dwarf irises?

Why grow median and dwarf irises?

If you are looking to expand the range of irises in your garden, consider median and dwarf irises. A great range of colours are available in both types. They also feature some different breeding lines, resulting in some different flower forms, particularly with arilbreds.

Medians are less prone to wind damage and are easier to display in vases. They will provide a spring feature amongst shrubs and mixed perennial gardens.

Dwarf irises are excellent edge plants and require little maintenance. They are very resilient, handle dry summers well and are easy to move around the garden when clumps increase in size.

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Our guest blogger this month is Malcolm from Canberra. He and his wife Joanne are keen gardeners. He was inspired by his father's iris garden back in the 1970's. Malcolm loves experimenting with different styles of iris including the arilbreds.
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