Low stock alert

Low stock alert

But there’s hardly anything available on the website!

This year has faced us with many challenges which we never would have guessed were on the horizon.  One challenge that Sunshine Iris Nursery is facing is keeping up with the demand for irises.  It seems as if almost everyone wants to get out into the garden and grow plants – and who can blame them!  We have had record sales throughout the year and although we have purchased many new varieties and added to our own beds, it’s been difficult to keep our customers satisfied.

After a bit of internet research, I discovered we are not alone.  Many seed companies around the world are struggling to keep up with orders as more people are forced to stay at home.  Indeed, our local Bunnings was short on stock for a while.

In other years as we head into the bloom season, Sunshine irises are in abundance.  This year we have less plants to flower.  But the good news is, they are growing!  We still have plenty of stock, but at the moment we would not feel comfortable selling such small rhizomes.  We will be doing extra stocktakes and more will come back online once we judge the plants to be of adequate size.  

To enable our clients to take advantage of the stocktakes, we would advise you to still check out our website.  Browse the Coming Soon https://www.sunshineiris.com.au/collections/sold-out
list of irises, choose the iris you like and click on NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE to receive an instant update as we do our stocktakes.  But remember – first in best dressed.  If you can’t place an order straight away and the iris you are looking for is no longer available, you will need to check NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE again for the next stocktake.

It also helps to follow our social media releases on Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t already follow us, just search for Sunshine Iris Nursery.  We will be advising customers of completed stocktakes through these avenues as well.

Thank you all for your patronage, and please – bear with us!  There will be more available in the coming months.
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