Landscaping With Iris

Landscaping With Iris

Recently one of our customers has mentioned she will be using her iris purchases to under plant roses. What a great idea!

Although some sources recommend keeping the beds under roses clear, others indicate there may be some good reasons to use iris together with other perennials. Underplanting, and indeed all mixed plantings should be chosen with care, taking into account the plant's water, nutrient and light requirements.

By choosing plants with similar requirements, caring for the beds becomes simpler. Iris, like roses, requires full sun, are drought tolerant, prefer good drainage and have few fertiliser requirements. They are a great choice for under roses, and with the wide variety of colours available, many colour combinations are possible.

Perhaps the best iris to choose are the dwarf varieties as many are rebloomers which will flower in autumn and spring, complementing your roses.  They will readily multiply forming a great display and are shallow rooted, offering less competition for water and nutrients from the deeper rooted roses.

Your iris plants will also attract pollinators and may control pests – a true companion plant for your roses!

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