Getting the Most from the Website

Getting the Most from the Website

Are you having difficulty navigating our website?  Here’s a few tips that might help.

Finding available iris

The easiest way to find products available for sale is on the front page of our website as seen in the following picture.

You can search for tall, median and dwarf irises and daylilies.  In this example, only the tall irises and daylilies are available.  If they do not show, they are unavailable at the moment but may be available after our next stocktake.  Once you click Click for full range, all available talls, for example, will be shown and can then be ordered by clicking on the purchase button.

Another way to find products available for sale is to go to the Online Shop, on the search bar just under our logo on the home page.

Initially, all products available for sale are shown.  If you would like to find specific products, such as only tall irises, just click on tall bearded iris.  Only tall irises will be shown and can then be ordered by clicking on the purchase tab.

Browsing unavailable products at Sunshine Iris Nursery

Products which currently have insufficient quantities for sale are termed unavailable.  They may become available after stocktakes.  Unavailable products can be accessed from the Home page by scrolling down and clicking on Coming soon – Click for full range. Once this page loads, specific product lines can be selected such as tall bearded iris. Clicking on More Details for a particular item will give you a description of the product and an option to Add to Wishlist or NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE.

Choosing Add to Wishlist will save the selected product to a list which you can access.  To save the wishlist for future website visits, you will need to register. (More about this later).  Choosing NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE allows you to receive an email or text (SMS) notification when the product becomes available after stocktake.  This does not create an order, it is just an alert for your information only.  If you still wanted to purchase the product, you would need to place an order through the website as soon as possible as products sell out quickly.

Unavailable products can also be accessed through the Online Shop.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Coming Soon. 

Registering or Creating an Account

In the top right-hand corner of the home page is Login / Register. By clicking on Register, you will be directed to a page where you can fill in your name and email details to create an account.  This will enable you to view your wish list at any time when you visit our website.  It will also provide you with a list of previous purchases including details of date purchased, products and posting details.  No credit card details are required and we do not share your email address with anyone.

Once registration has been completed, click on Login when visiting the website at a later date.

We also recommend signing up for our newsletter.  These are sent usually 4 times a year and include growing tips and other interesting tidbits.  They can also be accessed through the Blogs tab at the top of the home page.  Another advantage of signing up for the newsletter is email notification when stocktakes are completed, or special events are planned.

I hope this information has been helpful.  As always, we appreciate any feedback you can provide us. 

Happy gardening




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