Daylilies?  What a Bonus!  And they’re blooming at Sunshine Iris Nursery right now!

Daylilies? What a Bonus! And they’re blooming at Sunshine Iris Nursery right now!

Five interesting facts about daylilies

  1. Daylilies are one of the most adaptable plants in the world. They can grow and thrive in many soil types including fertile loamy ones, heavy clay or any type in between.  Daylilies can tolerate many climatic conditions. They are happy in hot, dry climates but will also thrive in a cool, moist one.  Suitable for almost anywhere in Australia!
  2. Daylilies provide great erosion control. Do you have a bank that needs stabilising? Daylilies to the rescue!  Their thick roots or tubers spread out like fingers and hug the soil making them an excellent ground cover anywhere in the garden.
  3. There are over 80,000 varieties of daylilies. Native to Asia, daylilies come in many shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and cream.  They are not true lilies, coming from the genus Hemerocallis as opposed to true lilies which are from the genus Lilium.
  4. The daylily flower symbolises motherhood. In China in particular a daylily flower represents a mother’s commitment and parenthood.  What a great way to welcome a new member into a family.
  5. Daylilies grow well in containers and look amazing. The long foliage cascades over the edge of the pot and the tall bright flowers are instant blasts of colour and sunshine.  If your garden area is limited, why not try a tub of daylilies?

    And what a great Christmas present! 

We have over 80 varieties of daylilies for sale at Sunshine Iris Nursery. Head over to to make your purchases.

If you would like some more information on how to grow daylilies, check out our blog on the website titled New Daylilies on Sale for Mothers Day from April last year.


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